Career Technical Education Courses Meeting "a-g" Admission Requirements

2008 Analysis in Industrial & Technology Education (from the UC a-g website)

In November, 2008, a CTE course report was developed to determine how many career technical education (CTE) courses meet University of California (UC) "a-g" admission requirements.

Statewide Analysis

The number of UC approved secondary Industrial & Technology Education courses statewide increased from 397 to 452 courses or an increase of 12.2% compared to last year. Of the 1151 comprehensive high schools in California, 251 or 21.8% have one or more UC approved Industrial & Technology Education courses.

UC A-G Requirements

In analyzing the "a-g" admission requirements, Industrial & Technology Education courses have been approved in the D, F & G admission requirement areas. There were substantial increases from the previous year in courses approved in the G-Elective (14.5%) admission area.

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