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About iDesign

iDesign-E is a free, 2-week program for high school students interested in engineering. This will be a hands-on course where students design, build, play, travel, take apart, and learn all while having fun and learning how engineers help society.

iDesign-Engineering (or iDesign-E) program is based at City College of San Francisco. For this year, we are limiting enrollment to San Francisco students for iDesign-E.

The program is sponsored by the City College of San Francisco and the California Center for Applied Competitive Technology with major funding from the Bechtel Foundation.

If you are a high school student, and have an interest in engineering, or think you might, this is a program for you. We will spend time in the lab, classroom, and traveling to companies and colleges in the Bay Area. We will also have guest speakers from industry talk about technology, engineering and manufacturing.