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Manpower's Annual 10 Hardest Jobs To Fill Survey:
Engineers, Machinists and Skilled Trades Top List In U.S.

MILWAUKEE (April 22, 2008) -- Engineers, machinists and skilled trade workers are among the nation's most challenging positions to fill, according to survey findings released by Manpower Inc.

"From our research it is clear that across the country employers are experiencing a mismatch between the talent their businesses need and the skills and abilities potential employees possess," said Jonas Prising, President of Manpower North America.

The 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill, as reported by U.S. employers for 2008, are:

  1. Engineers
  2. Machinists/Machine Operators (10)*
  3. Skilled Trades
  4. Technicians (4)
  5. Sales Representatives (1)
  6. Accounting & Finance Staff (8)
  7. Mechanics (3)
  8. Laborers (9)
  9. IT Staff
  10. Production Operators

* Rank in 2007 Top 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill


Survey: Teenagers Unaware Of What Engineers Do.
The Oregonian (12/7, Owen) reports, "It turns out, teenagers aren't avoiding careers in engineering because they think it's geeky. They're simply unaware of what engineers do," according to a study of 1,000 teenagers commissioned by Intel and nonprofit Change the Equation. The "survey showed 63 percent of the students ages 13 to 18 have never considered the career despite having 'generally positive opinions of engineers and engineering.' The perception that engineering is difficult also played a part in the lack of job consideration."