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Anticipated Industrial Tech Teacher Job Openings (Proposed)

In this section, we will ask teachers to volunteer information about when they are expected to retire, or for other reasons will be leaving their position (we expect that most responses will be from those who are planning their retirement). Our goal is to make this information public, and to be as specific as possible about what schools will be have these openings. This would allow interested applicants to start planning for these potential openings.

However, we might get a greater response to this if we limit the information (e.g., only listing the county the school is in), or possibly we don't even make the listing public. Rather - we gather the data for internal use and just show broad statistics on expected future openings.


Year Position Description
2011 Welding instructor (EXAMPLE) Alameda County - Instructor is expected to retire in May, 2009 or 2010.
  Machining instructor, (EXAMPLE) Orange County - Instructor has turned in their resignation effective May 2009. Job has not been posted yet.
2014 - 2016